This teaching from the “Mo’edim” series by “119 Ministries” is designed to look at the Set Apart Days, the Appointed Times or Feasts of our Heavenly Father, in a brief and concise way. “…Though these topics could be expounded and explained in long teachings, it is our goal to make these as short as possible…

This is the first of five sessions from “RESTORING THE HONOUR OF OUR KING” Bible seminar with Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries [], recorded after the ‘Erev Shabbat’ meal on Friday evening at the Perth’s Jewish Centre of Western Australia. See the playlist with all teachings including the start of the Sabbath together…

Enjoy the video teachings from the Perth Seminar with Brad Scott, linked from our YouTube channel. Slides that Brad used (in PowerPoint or PDF versions) are freely available for your use to have along with the video teachings with relevant slides edited into the videos. Blessings!

What could the giving of the 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai have in common with “Pentecost” in Acts 2? This video peels back the lies and traditions of men to uncover Scriptural truth about this Mo’ed (appointed day of YHWH). Presented by Steve Berkson from Messianic Torah Observant Israel, MTOI, at

Hear Matthew vander Els from Founded In Truth Ministries and Fellowship and take a deeper look into the Feast day known as “Shavuot” in the Bible. How was the Feast celebrated in the 2nd temple and what connection does it have with believers today?

Bill Cloud of Shoreshim Ministries presents a brief weekly Torah teaching. Check out WWW.BILLCLOUDBLOG.COM for more in depth teachings and other valuable resources from Bill.

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