You are invited to read a sample from The Chronological Gospels – (by Michael Rood), focusing on the genealogy and birth of Yeshua the Messiah, as well as the birth of John (the Baptist). Some context is provided, presenting the case for Yeshua’s birth at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Chronological Gospels Bible

Also, here is The Chronological Gospels extract of Revelation 12.

The Gospel of John takes us back to the beginning of beginnings before the physical universe was spoken into existence – the ultimate genealogy of Yeshua Messiah.

[The Gospel of Mark commences with “the beginning of the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah” in his role as a servant – no genealogical background is needed to serve. Mark confirms Luke’s chronological order.]

The Gospel of Luke documents – in chronological order – the beginnings and the earthly ministries of both Yeshua as the Son of Man and Yochanan ben Zecharyah as the prophet who comes in the spirit and power of Eliyahu to prepare the way of YHWH. Luke continues his chronological record of Yeshua’s ministry in “The Acts of the Apostles,” which details the events leading up to the conclusion of Yeshua’s seventy-week ministry, which culminated on the final event of the Spring Feasts of YHWH – Shavuot (Pentecost).

The Gospel of Matthew begins by detailing the genealogical credentials of the Messiah as the King from Heaven through Miriam, his only earthly parent, and a direct descendant of the royal lineage of King David through Solomon. Matthew does not record events in chronological sequence, but paints the picture of the King who lays down the rules of his everlasting Kingdom with broad, sweeping strokes. Matthew’s detailed account begins soon after he joins the company of disciples in the late spring…

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