First of all, thank you for connecting with us and with other like-minded believers across Australia and New Zealand, as we desire to follow Messiah Yeshua in love and obedience to the Father, to restore His paths of righteousness as we await His coming kingdom.  Most of all we appreciate your prayer support and continued engagement as we desire to encourage each other and grow in the faith in YHWH, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We appreciate your generosity and willingness to support this ministry in various ways, including becoming a supporter in what we do:

  • sharing and providing access to Bible study and teaching resources and to like minded ministries
  • organising events including Bible seminars, inviting speakers/ministries and coordinating with others
  • connecting believers to each other, to small groups and fellowship
  • running and supporting discipleship programs
  • supporting mission opportunities, here ‘down under’ and overseas

We are honored by the trust your support and any gifts demonstrate, and we are grateful for your shared commitment to God’s whole Word and desire to share all of it with those ‘down under’ along with us.

Your donation can help in many ways. It can help support:

  • organising and advertising expenses, and potential travel expenses for visiting speaker/ministry, when it comes to events;
  • production and distribution of free Bible teaching resources, including DVDs, CDs and video and audio materials on USB sticks, and other hard copy resource distribution, etc;
  • a library of resources which can be borrowed and shared among individuals and groups;
  • gifts to those in need among the growing community of believers locally and across Australia and New Zealand, and where identified specifically the poor/widow/orphans;
  • overseas mission opportunities and projects to support those in need and fellowship groups, like the support provided in Kenya to date.

We take seriously the responsibility given by our Heavenly Father to be a wise and honorable stewards of every gift we receive. We understand that the resources we receive from YHWH’s people that are offered with intent to be used for His purposes will certainly be a part of the judgment we receive in the end. We have every desire to maximize and leverage all resources afforded to us in the most efficient way possible to further His kingdom.

Thanks again for your gracious, thoughtful support of Restoration Down Under Ministries. As always, if you have any questions, please Contact Us .

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