From Brad – “Due to much speculation and concern since Hanukkah concerning my health, we now have some information to report. We pray this information will give adequate details for those of you in prayer for me. After a litany of tests, it has been determined that I have stage 2 astrocytoma cancer. This is a low grade, slow-growing mass near the center of my brain. Kind of logical since I am a musician and piano player. We are now in the stage of investigating all options and treatments. For the time being, I need to be stabilized with respect to anti-seizure medications, so travel for now is not possible. Meanwhile, we are wholly trusting in our great Physician. He will heal me through all our prayers and petitions. This is not a death sentence, but it is a dramatic change in our life experience and a new journey for us. We both love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern and prayers. We will post updates as we know them.”

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