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We wish everyone God’s blessings, protection and His shalom, especially at this time.

If you have not seen the first two films, The Exodus and The Moses Controversy, you can order these on DVD from our store. Also, a limited copy of the Patterns of Evidence: Exodus book is available.

You may also watch the special content related to the Exodus account and the Patterns of Evidence film series and more below – with filmmaker Tim Mahoney, egyptologist David Rohl and Bible chronologist and teacher Michael Rood. Follow the links below.

The Exodus

The Moses Controversy

The Red Sea Crossing

The award-winning PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE film series continues with the next chapter investigating one of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh’s army when God miraculously parts the waters, rescuing the Israelites and destroying Pharaoh and his chariots. 

But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where? Did a mighty sea split? what secrets will be revealed? 

Following his first two films, The Exodus and The Moses Controversy, filmmaker Tim Mahoney returns with one of the biggest biblical documentary investigations of all time, uncovering new evidence for the EXODUS story.

I’ve worked in a ministry that deals with the Bible’s history for 30 years. So, it is rare that I get a shot of excitement when I watch a film that attempts to cover such topics. This movie genuinely surprised me. It is scholarly, but thoroughly engaging at the same time. But most of all it tries to be faithful to Scripture. One of the best documentaries I’ve seen on the Bible’s history in years.” – Gary Bates, CEO, Creation Ministries International;

The Exodus Journey Out of Egypt is One of the Most Spectacular Accounts In the Bible. But Did It Really Happen? 

After leaving Egypt, the Bible describes the Israelites crossing a deep sea that was miraculously split with walls of water on their right and left. When the Egyptians and their chariot force pursued, the water came crashing back down to destroy the entire army. Are miracles of this kind even possible?

Skeptics contend that no evidence has ever been found for huge numbers of people crossing the wilderness or a mighty sea. Does the lack of evidence at the traditional sites mean the events didn’t happen, or might we have been looking in wrong places all along?

Join Timothy Mahoney in the next chapter of the series as he retraces the steps of Moses and the Israelites, looking for answers in Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle.

Hear ideas from all sides of the debate as you journey back to the lands of the Bible in search of answers to one of the Bible’s biggest mysteries; where is the lost sea of the Exodus, and what really happened there? Can a patterns approach help to solve the problem?

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Stay tuned for more films in the Patterns of Evidence film series as we move from the Red Sea crossing to Mount Sinai. Also, tune into Joel Richardson‘s updates and footage related to this.