Say to Zion – Your God Reigns – Audio CD by Micha’el Ben David


Purchase Micha'el Ben David's album, “Say to Zion – Your God Reigns” with songs:
– Shema Yisrael / Hear O Israel
– Tsama Fafshi / My Soul Thirsts
– He Who Was and Is To Come / Hu Haya V'Hove
– Hope In God / Kave El Hashem
– B'Ohalecha / In Your Tent
– Omer L'Zion / Say To Zion
– Melech HaKavod / King of Glory
– Hineh Bati / Here I Come
– Tov L'Hodot / Good To Give Thanks
– Ruma Adonai / Be Exalted O LORD
– Shiru L'Adonai / Sing To The LORD
– Mi Mizrach Shemesh / From The Rising Of The Sun

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Enjoy one of the songs from this album, “Shema Yisrael”, “El Shaddai Mi Kamocha”, “Melech HaKavod”: