Video recordings from the seminar are now available via Restoration Down Under Ministries FaceBook page and will be on Wisdom in Torah Ministries YouTube.

The Temple and the Temple Mount are centre stage in world geo-political and theological events and discourse. It is vital to understand why and to correctly discern the truth about the House of God. In a world where rebellion against the One True God, and Him ruling over the whole earth, is ever increasing; where men desire to worship according to their own desires and not according to the instructions given us, understanding the Temple, it’s pattern of worship and it’s significance as the place of God’s Throne on earth is vital. Do you have questions regarding the Temple of God? Please join us as Rico Cortes leads us deeper into the Scriptures, and discover how The Bible, historical documents, geography and archaeology provide us with the answers.

Event in Perth 11-12 May 2019 – Register Now!

Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries, returns for his second visit to Perth. He specializes in uncovering spiritual truths hidden within the Holy Temple and the services that took place there. He has spent many years studying the Temple from both Jewish and Christian sources, on site in Jerusalem looking at history, geography and archaeology, and under one of the foremost scholars today on the Temple, Joseph Good of Hatikva Ministries. Last year he addressed delegates at the inaugural Temple Mount Jerusalem Convention in Israel. 

His knowledge of the Tabernacle, Holy Temple, priests and procedures combine to bring an incredible prophetic message to us today. By studying and gaining an understanding of the Temple and its services, we help to illuminate our understanding of the whole Bible from the opening chapters of Genesis, through Exodus to Leviticus; the New Testament writings on the Messiah and the apostles to the book of Revelation. This in turn helps us to understand God’s concept of holiness, righteousness and way of worship therefore bringing us closer to our King. Find out more on Rico and his teachings at

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