Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministry, with wife Carol, have been a blessing to the Body of Messiah and an encouragement to many individuals, families and ministries, including ours.

“This ministry is based upon Romans Chapter 11. YHWH (the LORD) has reached out to the nations and grafted wild branches from among the nations into the natural olive tree. The natural olive tree is the covenant people of YHWH, beginning with the seed of the woman in Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 3:15. The natural and wild branches share a common root and both take their nutrition and sustenance from this very old natural tree. We, as wild branches, have been grafted in, contrary to our nature, a nature that has been mixed with the ways of the nations.” –

Restoration Down Under Ministries coordinated a ‘down under’ tour of Brad Scott back in 2013, and this was a blessing to many across Australia and New Zealand.  Abba willing, we will welcome Brad and Carol back in late 2017.

“The WildBranch focus is to restore the ways of our Creator to His people by teaching the Old and New Testaments from the language and culture of the people who penned them. The New Testament is crammed full of idioms, phrases, and concepts known to the observant Jew (Yehudim) living in the time of Yeshua’s ministry, but unfamiliar to modern readers. The Scriptures must be read through the eyes and minds of the culture in which it was written.”

Wildbranch Ministry teachings and materials are available online at:

Brad has been teaching the Scriptures since 1971. Raised in Missouri, he began in the Lutheran system and was taught traditional “Christian” theology. In 1978, he began his studies in the Greek language and soon discovered that the well-defined Greek structure was NOT so well-defined. He soon began to learn the Hebrew language, and sat at the feet of Rabbinical scholars, much the same way Sha’ul may have done so! Having been trained that the New Testament was written in Greek, Brad discovered through other scholars of the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls that the New Testament may well have been written in Hebrew. He has been teaching the Hebrew language and culture since 1983. Brad is an ordained minister through a non-denominational pastoralship.

Brad is a professional musician, as well, and enjoys leading or just participating with Praise and Worship teams by playing keyboard and singing. Although he plays all styles of music, Brad enjoys the Messianic style best.  Brad is available to conduct seminars, lead praise and worship, perform Passover seders, etc.  Although he may be vertically challenged, he does have a good sense of humour.

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