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After forty years of labor, including three decades of restoring the Ancient Biblical Hebrew Calendar, together with the experiences that accompany years of living in Jerusalem and the Galilee, Michael Rood presents the inspired Gospel records in chronological order to advance you in your lifetime quest for truth.

This Bible pieces together the life and ministry of the Messiah in a way no one has ever seen before. It reveals depth, beauty and truth in the Word that could never be understood until it was put together to tell the story as it happened – complete and chronological.

In addition to a comprehensive introduction that explains, with remarkable accuracy, how the Messiah’s ministry was truly 70 weeks, The Chronological Gospels also includes fascinating facts and contextual information from extra-biblical sources including ancient Hebrew historical records, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Israeli New Moon Society.

The book also includes detailed week-by-week timeline charts, a color-coded cross-reference index, and an ancient biblical Hebrew calendar.

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The Chronological Gospels Bible reorganizes Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The Acts and The Revelation in chronological order. You can see what the Messiah was doing each day of his ministry. You can follow along the timeline of his sermons, his miracles and the last days, hours and moments before his crucifixion. The Chronological Gospels also explains the religious debates and issues at the forefront during the Messiah’s ministry and really reveals why he was so hated by those that wanted to kill him.

When reconstructed in this manner, the Gospel records synchronize beautifully. Any apparent contradictions that have bothered you are resolved, and the Messiah’s message to his disciples then – and what we can take away from it now – becomes clear and that much more powerful.

No longer do you have to try to piece together the Messiah’s life from four separate accounts from different authors with different perspectives. It is done for you! Now all sides of the story are combined and organized so you can watch the motion picture of the Messiah’s ministry unfold before your eyes like you’ve never been able to experience before. If you have ever longed to truly know your Messiah, this is what you have been awaiting.

You can watch The Chronological Gospels TV Series with Michael Rood as he takes you on an unprecedented journey through the 70 weeks of the Messiah’s ministry.
Discover the greatest story NEVER told — from the day he was baptized to the day he baptized the disciples with tongues of fire — moment by moment, from the perspective of each Gospel author.
Through easy-to-follow, educational graphics and historical references, you’ll learn the behind-the-scenes truth of WHAT the Messiah did, WHEN he did it, WHY the timing of what he did means everything… and HOW knowing the difference can change your life!

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