Watchman: What of the Night! – Audio CD by Micha’el Ben David

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Purchase Micha'el Ben David's album, “Watchman: What of the Night” with songs:
– Ish Milchama (Man of War)
– Watchman! What of the Night?
– Tov L'Hodot (Good to Give Thanks)
– Eshet Chayil (Woman of Might)
– Tov V'Yashar (Good & Upright) – duet with Ashley Ben David
– Amech Ami (Your People, My People)
– Halleluhu (Praise Him)
– Amongst the Gods
– Odeh Adonai (I Will Praise Adonai)
– Kiru Bi Shmo (Call Upon His Name)
– Haer Eineinu (Enlighten Our Eyes)
– Matsanu Et HaMashiach (We Have Found the Messiah)
– Yevarech'cha Adonai (Adonai Bless You)
– Good & Upright (instrumental)
– Your People, My People (instrumental)

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Enjoy one of the songs from this album, Tov V’Yashar (Good & Upright), based on Psalm 25 … a duet Micha’el BenDavid’s bride, Ashley.