Israeli Psalmist Micha’el BenDavid with Australian-born wife, Ashley, have released newest music CD titled ‘Voice of a Dove’, in Hebrew known as ‘Kol Yonah’. It is now available to order exclusively from our online store while it’s also available via our friends and contacts across the country.

Micha’el’s 7th CD and the first with his beloved Bride, displays the beauty of the completion, perfection and wholeness of Elohim’s (God’s) work in Creation and in us, His children (this perfection which can be represented by the number 7) and His covenant He has made with us by oath is in the same way a husband holds covenant with his bride.

The original anointed voice of Micha’el BenDavid blends together with the voice and flute playing of his wife, Ashley, and the talents of other Israeli musicians from across the land bringing you this heavenly project filled with the sounds of love and joy!

With 15 full-length tracks including 2 bonus instrumentals, this CD will help you ascend to the throne room of Shamayim (Heaven). You will find Classical, Contemporary, Middle-eastern and Caribbean flavours throughout.

Enjoy one of the songs from this album, “When Israel Was A Child“, based on Hosea 11. It was one of the favourites across the country when Micha’el and Ashley visited Australia in early 2016.

Another song from “Voice of a Dove” album is “Osseh Shalom (He Who Makes Peace“.  Video for it was recorded during their 2016 tour of Australia, in Queensland.

Taste & See – Ta’amu UReu” is another song on this beautiful album. Here is a version of this song, performed live by Micha’el and Ashley while in Perth, during their Australian tour in 2016.

“May all who hear these sounds be blessed tremendously as they listen and journey around Israel and the Islands. With love from Zion!” – Micha’el & Ashley BenDavid

You can preview tracks online at

  1. The Seventh Day
  2. Lecha Dodi
  3. Adon Olam
  4. Osseh Shalom
  5. Pote’ach
  6. Adonai Uri (The Lord Is My Light)
  7. When Israel Was a Child
  8. Esther Song
  9. Taste & See
  10. Rejoice in Yah
  11. Tuv Yerushalaim
  12. Shalom Al Yisrael
  13. One Thing or Another
  14. Adon Olam (instrumental)
  15. Esther Song (instrumental)
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